Semi-Annual Local Advertiser & Agency Survey

The Spring Local Advertiser Survey Has Ended.

Our surveys run twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. Field time runs from March 15 to May 15. Thousands of local marketers, both local businesses and local agencies, complete more than 35 questions, yielding unique insights about their marketing plans. Topics include:

  • What media types they purchase
  • Where they plan to spend future dollars
  • How do they utilize ad agencies
  • And more…

Each participating company will receive an Excel workbook that displays the answers to every question posed in the survey - as well as a comparison to a national and/or company average.

In addition, Borrell will generate a presentation of highlights along with a contact file of participants and all their answers to open-ended questions. Our Last Survey concluded in October, 2022, and you can watch the summary webinar here.

More Questions?

Call us at 423-284-9001, or email Taryn Tatarinowicz at ttatarinowicz@borrellassociates.com

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What's Asked?

This survey over 35 questions in total, though most participants will not answer every one. In addition to the base questions about gross revenue, number of employees, and business type, we ask about advertising expenditures in 2022 on each of 20 different types of media (digital, mobile, newspapers, cable, direct mail, etc.), and what they’re planning to spend in 2023. Other topics include: digital media expenditures, social media use, participation in OTT video, and detailed questions on the use of agencies.

Can My Market Participate?

The survey is open to any company with a customer list of 1000 or more locally-based businesses in the U.S. that purchase advertising and marketing services. Typical participants are local media companies (radio, TV, newspapers, cable, direct mail, yellow pages, and Internet pureplays) as well as ad agencies and national companies with local businesses as their customers.

What Do I Get?

Upon survey completion, each participant gets an Excel file with multiple worksheets that display the results including a contact file and answers to open-ended questions. Results are displayed in tables with references to statistically significant differences. In addition, an overview presentation is created by Borrell Associates. A Borrell analyst is available for telephone consultation/analysis on the results and may also be available for webinar-based presentations and discussion with your company. For an overview of the survey please click here.

What Do My Clients Get?

Survey respondents will:

  • Be entered in a drawing to win one of 8 $100 VISA gift cards (provided and awarded by Borrell Associates)
  • Get a summary of the survey results (we compile the summary; you send it to them via email)
  • Be invited to participate in an exclusive SMB insights panel maintained by Borrell Associates

What Are The Logistics?

Survey implementation is extremely simple for participating media companies. All that’s required is sending emails to a list of advertising customers and potential customers, asking them to participate in the survey by clicking the link (provided by Borrell and customized to the market). We recommend three emails: an initial solicitation email, a follow-up, and a final reminder. Borrell monitors the progress, collects and analyzes the results, and presents the findings. Survey field time is typically 14 days, and the final report is ready within two weeks after the survey closes. It’s as simple as that.

What's The Cost?

Costs are based on the number of markets (or survey links) furnished, regardless of the number of responses received. $750 per market.

What You Can Expect

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