Episode 91: Time to Rethink Re-Selling Commoditized SEM, Banners, & OTT?

Mon, 27 Feb 2023


Seems like everybody is selling the same digital marketing products. And that makes them low-margin commodities. Gordon & Corey wonder if it's time for media companies to go back to doing what they do best -- selling higher-margin O&O inventory. They get some insight from omnichannel marketing expert Oliver Jacob, president of Frequence.

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Martha de la Torre
Martha de la Torre
3 months ago

This is great. I have had this same discussion with our team that selling our owned and operated assets must be in every client campaign. Our online and offline assets are our secret sauce to reach the perfect audience for our advertisers. We fortunately have our own integrated technology that keeps improving to offer small advertisers with small budgets multiple channels to capture more business. It is scalable and profitable but only when we make our owned assets the core of the campaign.

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